Our Advisors

Javier Martín-Torres

Javier Martín-Torres currently works at the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering (SRT), Luleå University of Technology. He does research in Atmospheric Science, Geophysics, and Astrobiology, and in particular in Earth, Mars, and exoplanet atmospheres. He is Advisor of ESA and NASA Planetary Protection Offices, and has served in ESA Review Panels.

Anushree Srivastava

Anushree Srivastava is from Lucknow, India and​ is currently working at NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre, MD, USA, as a Research Scholar, where her work focuses on the search for organics on Mars. She has also served the Mars Society’s Mars 160 Twin Desert-Arctic Analog Mission as a Crew Biologist in Utah Desert (USA) and High Arctic (Canada). 

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