Kalam Rover Challenge

Kalam  Mars Rover Challenge is an attempt to explore the technologies which will help humanity find its new home on some distinct world. The competition emphasizes on designing, constructing and testing technologies, including tools, mobility devices and traversing in unique environments. The challenge will prepare us for the Mars and propel us on to some other celestial body. This student design challenge encourages the next generation of scientists and engineers to aid in the design process by providing innovative designs and unique perspectives. The challenge also continues the agency’s legacy of providing valuable experience to students who, someday, may be responsible for planning future space missions, including crewed missions to other worlds.
  • Who is eligible to participate?
    • The category defined for participation: Students studying in schools (must be over 18 years of age), colleges or associated with any organization.
    • Individuals with original and innovative ideas to explore the Martian surface are eligible to participate in a team of two.

  • What aspect of Mars Living will your project address?
    • Select a topic of interest from any of the following subjects for designing the rover.
    • You can submit any number of projects in one or multiple subject categories.
    • Subject Categories for Participation in Kalam Rover Challenge :
      1. Agriculture
      2. Life Support
      3. Surveillance 

  • What is the process?
  • What will the winner get?
    • Reimbursement of the construction cost of the Rover (Upto INR 15, 000) per team.
    • A chance to participate in the world’s largest Mars Settlement Simulation Program MINAR 2020 in the Boulby Mines, Whitby, United Kingdom.
    • Accommodation for 5 days (Approximately INR 70, 000).
    • Transportation and access to the Boulby Mines (Approximately INR 50, 000)

  • Terms and Conditions
    • The Rover and its IPR shall remain with the Kalam Centre.
    • The Rover should be able to fit in a box of dimensions 60cm X 50cm X 25cm.
    • Participants have to fund their travel and Visa to Boulby Mines, United Kingdom through personal means or through college support.
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