Kalam Mars Festival

Mars Innovation Prototyping Contest

One unique aspect of the program is to encourage students enrolled in various courses to take up research and project works under the Mars Innovation Prototyping Contest and explore the scope of Food, Clothing, Buildings, Laws and other aspects of habitability on Mars. This campaign will be useful in encouraging curiosity, creativity and learning among students of various disciplines with an angle of extraterrestrial application, while also adding to the knowledge base while we are still on planet Earth. Selected participants will be invited to display their prototype at Kalam Mars Festival.

Kalam Mars Festival

The innovative designs and projects by young students across 4 categories—will be reviewed by an eminent jury comprising of scientists and domain experts. Then, the short-listed entries will be showcased at the Kalam Mars Festival in Delhi.

Some of the outstanding projects and designs will also be recognised and rewarded at the Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam International Youth Conclave 2020.

Space technology should enhance further, the quality of life of the people in the planet earth and they need to have a paradigm shift, for evolving Earth-Moon-Mars complex for human prosperity, rather than considering Earth, Moon and Mars as separate entities. I believe, from now onwards we must consider Earth-Moon-Mars complex as strategic and economic entity for the humanity.

“I envision a Earth-Moon-Mars complex by 2050.”

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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