Founder’s Message

Why Mars Mission India?


Mars the red planet has been of great interest to humankind for a very long time. The Red Planet was often regarded as a hot-headed and skilled warrior in many cultures, both east and west. Now of course, we know that Mars appears red thanks to the iron compound sin its soil and it is nowhere close to being a hot planet. With average temperature of 63 degree centigrade below zero comparably same as the lowest temp on the coldest night on the South Pole. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from being extremely optimistic of one day founding a human civilization on mars.

Where does this optimism come from? Part of it originates from the human undying spirit to explore and evolve.

That same attitude which half a millennium ago propelled us to dare to go around the Earth, a century ago have us the courage to take flight and 5 decades ago inspired us to set foot on Moon- guides us to Mars.

But there are practical reasons too. First, we need more homes. It secures our survival and diversifies our access to precious resources. Second, mars despite all its short comings, is the best candidate in terms of temperature, gravity, size and distance from us for new civilization. Third, Mars can also act as a source of evidence of unravels the history of our own origin as a planet, as a solar system and as a universe.

Globally, the red planet is the blue eyed boy of space expedition. In 1997, Pathfinder became the first rover to have explored the Martian surface. In 2013, with its Mars Orbiter Mission, India successfully planted an orbiter in Mars joining about 16 number of satellites already presents there from 3 countries.

2020 is a monumental year in our quest towards the Red Planet. Three rovers will find their way on Mars by the end of the year. This will be the founding stone to the ultimate dream of humankind to have a permanent settlement on the Red Planet by 2035. Hence the next 15 years would see a series of giant leaps, present several critical challenges which will be overcome by some of the most ingenious minds humankind has produced. There will be perils and joys, surprises and disappointments and successes perhaps along with some failures.

The global Mars Mission will not just be a project of rocketry limited to engineers but the design and nurturing of everything which goes into making a civilization. This mission will include farmers who can grow food on Mars, fashion designers who can make clothes for Mars, authors and artist who can document our quest to Mars, architects who will build our Martian homes, chefs who can make Martian food and lawyers, teachers, soldiers and doctors who will hold up social system of our first settlement outside Earth.

So, it doesn’t matter, what your interest of career is, you can be a critical component of the biggest project humankind has ever undertaken so far. I welcome you to this quest to build the greatest minds from India towards the grandest mission of human exploration – onwards to Mars.

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