Design for Mars

  • The surface gravity of Mars is 62% lower than that of Earth. This will affect the types of materials and fabrics used for clothing, as these will need to be able to withstand and protect from this gravitational change.
  • The average surface temperature is a very frigid minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, a vital requirement of clothing items would be to regulate temperature and help humans stay warm.
  • The Red Planet has a rugged, inhospitable terrain that is covered in many different sized rocks, sand dunes, and boulders, and hard-packed clay. Footwear that is durable in such conditions will have to designed, both for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Mars’ atmosphere is much thinner than Earth’s. The atmosphere of Mars contains more than 95 percent carbon dioxide and much less than 1 percent oxygen. Therefore, the clothing/headgears should take this into consideration.
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