Beyond Earth


Be A Young Sailor To Stars

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
Carl Sagan

The students of today are the astronauts of tomorrow!

With over fifty active space missions, of which many are primarily designed to explore extraterrestrial life, we are all set to step into the beginning of a new era in space exploration. This programme aims to teach the concepts related to astrobiology and gives students an opportunity to witness the space exploration activities with a better understanding. Instead of focusing on memorizing facts and figures, we encourage students to ask questions and develop a scientific aptitude. This approach will not only help them demystify scientific phenomenon but also solve real life problems.
We offers three modules under this programme:

Command Module 1

This is the beginner level programme for young space enthusiasts. 

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Command Module 2- Life Beyond this Planet

This will further expose the students to the fascinating science of life on other worlds.

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Service Module- Unravelling the mysteries of cosmos

This hands-on workshop focuses on attracting the interests of the students to the exciting world of space sciences through activities, experiments, games, quizzes and competitions.

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Why Beyond earth?

Igniting Minds

Beyond Earth enables a child to harness its curiosity to the full potential and approach not just the science but also life with an inquiry-driven attitude.


Students get to do real science experiments and see the science actually happening beyond text book. It is never too late for learning a new skill!

Debunking Myths

This course will educate people about the interesting science which happens beyond the sky and help them break the chains of ignorance.

Inspiring Careers

Demonstrating science with experiments also develops their aptitude and interest for the subject manifolds and strengthen their base for a career in the same.

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