Kalam Rover Challenge

  • Who is eligible to participate?
    • The category defined for participation: Students studying in schools (must be over 18 years of age), colleges or associated with any organization.
    • Students who have an idea that is original and innovative, are eligible to participate in a team of two.
    • Novel engineering design qualifies to participate at the Kalam Rover Challenge. Hence, your project must be original in content and should be able to survive on the Martian surface.
  •  What aspect of Mars Living will your project address?
    • Select a topic of interest from any of the following subjects for designing the rover.
    • You can submit any number of projects in one or multiple subject categories.
    • Subject Categories for Participation at Kalam Rover Challenge :
      1. Food and Agriculture
      2. Mobility and Transportation
      3. Safety and Security
  • What is the process?
Timeline of Kalam Rover Challenge
  •  Which Aspect of Mars Living will your project address?


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