Imagine living on the red planet. Think of all those dimensions which the new civilisation would need to recreate.

We would need a new kind of foods to grow, new ways to cook them, combat new diseases and completely re-do the medical systems which we follow on Earth. 

Mars is a planet with the rapid changes of temperature, hence, a new way of fashion designing would have to evolve. A fresh approach to architecture in civil engineering has to be followed because much of living what the underground. The abundant water on Earth would be a scarcity on the Red Planet, perhaps the most coveted resource. On Mars, we will need a new legal system a new political order to ensure peace and harmony as humans would not evolve from scratch but be catapulted with the most formidable technology already in their hands. This dawn of the new human civilization does not begin with sticks and pebbles but with nuclear power and the most sophisticated robotics and computing technologies. Mars will have no rival species for us, only ourselves and everything which we bring along with us would be our potential competition.

We welcome you to join the mission to not only imagine and create the future of the Red Planet. It is your chance to grab a slice in the history where a new human civilization will be created all over again. No matter if you are not a technological person, as civilizations require not only science but also, literature, law, and humanities.

Selected participants from India will participate in the MINAR (Mine Analogue Research) project.

The last date of applying for MINAR 2019 (in the United Kingdom) is September 12, 2019; 5:00 PM UTC. APPLICATION FORM


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